THE Programs

What do we do?

Circuit Classes

Circuit classes are a great basis for anyone's fitness program. My sessions go for approximately 50 mins and will work out all the major muscle groups as well as giving you a bit of cardio and A LOT of fun. I try and change things up as much as I can so you get the best all over work out without it becoming boring.

The general format is a small warm up which might include a jog, maybe some resistance exercise or a short game. Then we will get into a circuit which includes a mix of light weights and exercises that will target all the major groups - including some cardio stuff like shuttle runs. For the cool down I will make it fun with perhaps another game or activity.

Mobile Personal Training

If you want results fast then this is the way to go. I will create a personalized fitness plan which will help you get to where you want to be. I will be there every step of the way to make sure you get the most out of your sessions and achieve your goals. I can also offer advice about other exercises you can do outside of our sessions that will help you achieve those goals.

We will work together to progress to a special goal like a wedding or a goal weight or perhaps you might want to see a trainer to improve on your current level of fitness. My aim is to make sure you get whatever you want out of it.

Learn to Run

Running is a great form of exercise. Excellent cardio! Works the core! What more can you ask for!

So if it's so easy why doesn't everyone do it? The problem is without the proper training and appropriate build up running can go very, very bad. Everyone's tempted to go too hard and too fast and then you wake up with cramps in areas of your legs you didn't even know existed and like a completely rational human being decide that running is not for you.

So what do I do?

This is where I come in. In small groups, we will work towards completing a ten week program that will get you out from the front of the TV and onto the road at a reasonable and achievable pace. The program involves a run three times a week and at the end of ten weeks the goal is to have you running 5km comfortably and getting the benefits from such a great exercise. I'll be there to give you the support - and little push - that you need.

Why should you do it?

Running is amazingly efficient at burning calories. Why is this important? The more calories you burn the quicker you get into the skinny jeans. A 20min run can burn up to 352 calories whereas a brisk 20min walk only burns about 141 calories. Just for the record, a Mars Bar has 280 calories. Even picking up your walking pace will help you burn more calories! It will get easier as your body adapts to the exercise.Check Schedule

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Price List

  • Circuit Classes
    First class free - $12 per session OR $30 for 3 sessions
  • Learn to Run
    First time free - $12 per session OR $30 for 3 sessions
  • Personal Training
    $40 for 30mins or $60 an hour (Trial offer 3 x 30min sessions for $100)

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